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Keller Williams Realty is committed to a better future for all.

Our green mission.

At Keller Williams Realty, we care about the place you call home. We understand that it’s more than a collection of concrete, wood and steel. It’s more than an asset to be bought and sold. It’s where you feel safe, where you can take a deep breath, where you gather with your family and friends, and where you build your strength.

Since our founding, it has been our company’s stated mission to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living. We realize now, more than ever, that a life worth living is one that is healthy, money smart, and sustainable—priorities that are essential to the "Green Your Home" model. Greening your home not only builds lasting value in what is yours, but it cements a life worth living for future generations.


Our belief.

We believe that greening your home is a quality-of-life choice for here and now, as well as a necessary step to protect our planet and its resources for future generations. We trust in the power of individuals and their ability to learn, change, and make sustainable choices. We believe that now is the time to start—and that change begins at home.


Our current initiatives.

Green Your Home. In 2011, we published the book Green Your Home to help consumers and our agents find an easy path to a healthy, money-smart and sustainable lifestyle at home.

RED Day. The Keller Williams family works together each year to give back to our communities through locally-focused service programs like RED Day. Our efforts have collectively given hundreds of thousands of community service hours.

Paperless transactions. In 2011, we became the first real estate franchise to make every market center capable of paperless real estate transactions through our award-winning eEdge system.


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